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The electricity Words: 0513-83697538、83341230

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About us / ABOUT US

  Qidong xing east petrochemical equipment manufacture co., ltd. mainly produces static mixer、Airtight sampler、On-line sampling system、Can the sampler、(Fully automatic、The pipe、Fine)The filter、Muffler、Spark arrestor、Breathing valve、Sight glasses、Mixing machine、The emulsifying machine、The gas drainage and etc10Multiple categories、Nearly2000Specifications of the products;The company is located in qidong city, jiangsu province along the Yangtze river estuary,From the pudong district of Shanghai60Kilometers,The transportation is very convenient。   Qidong xing east petrochemical equipment manufacturing co., LTD. Construction area6000Square meters,Fixed assets1000Ten thousand yuan,100More than one/The set of all kinds of processing and testing equipment,Have the products、To develop、Design、Production、The test、All storage and transportation capacity。Is the collection of scientific research,Is mixed、Filtering、Conveyor、Sampling equipment specializing in the production of enterprises,Advanced processing equipment,Detection equipment is complete,Strong technical force。   Companies strictly enforce has passedISO9001The requirements of the international quality system certification and the standard of national mechanical industry and chemical,Hold the pressure vessel【Described in detail】

Enterprise business license

Contact information / CONTACT

Address:Jiangsu qidong city xinfeng temple industrial park area

The phone:0513-83341230,83697538



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